The names are the game

On Friday, we reported Carole James is asking supporters to sign an online petition backing a "united party." This, in an attempt to shore up support for her leadership of the provincial New Democrats. But there are number of significant problems with that petition:

* the party isn't specifically asking signatories to back Ms. James. So it's value as an indicator of support for her leadership is limited.

* it's unclear if the party is taking any steps to ensure the signatories are actually party members. Indeed, as reported by 24 hours's Bill Tieleman, provincial Liberal activists are encouraging non-New Democrats to put their names on that petition; and

* even if all of the signatories are cardholders, the petition would have to have 6,750 names on it to constitute half of the New Democrats membership (as of July).

At publication time, the petition had 2,498 names on it. That's a 20 percent increase since 3:38 in the afternoon on Friday. The email promoting the petition appears to have been distributed a few hour before then.

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1) I read Bill's blog - here's a corrected link.

2) My, oh, my... David Brodie is just... totally awe-some... the hero of the week! It's clear the BCNDP also have a history of technological fumbles... that the BCLib defense has picked up on from the Facebook scandal to failing to use YouTube properly to being caught as hypocritcal about personal attacks to now this :-).

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