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"Time is being given for private discussion to ensure that the clear direction set by our leader and our party is followed: to unite and offer British Columbians a positive progressive alternative in the next election." That's how provincial New Democrat caucus chair Kathy Corrigan explained why an emergency caucus meeting that was scheduled to take place at 4:00 today had been postponed. But are there other reasons for that decision? Was it made following a meeting with big labour? Did big labour encourage the postponement? A caucus spokesperson was unable to say at publication time. The caucus meeting had been called to deal with increased dissent surrounding Carole James's leadership of the New Democrats.


Why in heck didn't the woman start having private meetings when the MLA's approached her privately with their concerns. Not it's a media circus, with the split caucus and supporters of both groups blaming each party. and through it all, the rank and file members, and of course the voters are shaking their heads at her actions. I guess the 13 or so MLA's were supposed to cave in, something that wasn't about to happen. she isn't called Ms. Dithers without reason. The 5 oclock news should be interesting

Silly hardline approach.

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