Emergency caucus meeting postponed

Moments ago, we reported rumours the provincial New Democrats wouldn't be holding their emergency caucus meeting today. Now, the opposition caucus has released a statement confirming that meeting has been postponed to allow for "private discussions to ensure that the clear direction set by our leader and our party is followed: to unite and offer British Columbians a positive progressive alternative in the next election." The following is a complete copy of that statement.


I think a cruise on the Titanic 11 is just what this caucus needs. How they could even think of putting in their notice re their emergency meeting being calcelled that "it is important for the NDP to offer BC citizens a positive alternate government " . What a joke and it is not even April 1st. What is President / Chairman Mao going to do with all his Mao caps that he was going to hand out at the meeting today?

Very short notice after all the talk of lines in the sand, everyone being responsible for their actions and other James comments. James has dithered on so many things and here we go again. Did it finally dawn on her that when 13 , at least MLA's are upset with her action, that some more might be of the same opinions

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