Trust issues?

Earlier today, we reported MLAs Katrine Conroy, Jenny Kwan and Norm Macdonald had privately approached Carole James on November 17, suggesting it was time for her to go. A caucus spokesperson has confirmed that meeting did indeed take place. The spokesperson also confirmed Ms. James was presented with a letter - signed by 13 MLAs - making the case for her to step aside. But the spokesperson could not comment on former provincial New Democrat cabinet minister Corky Evans's allegation that Ms. James broke the confidence of the meeting by advising "others in her Caucus and staff what had happened," naming the MLAs who had approached her.


I have read the letter by Corky Evans, and i believe what he says. Carole James has lost my trust and support since her heavy-handed summary expulsion of Bob Simpson. Carole James and Moe Sihota have used arbitrary power and bully tactics to stifle expression of differing opinions in the caucus. Whether the dissidents are 13 or 3, Ms. James should submit her leadership to vote of rank and file NDP members.

Has Norm Macdonald been recalled as MLA for Columbia River Revelstoke as I now understand that he lives full time in Victoria!

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