The three and the thirteen

Earlier today, former provincial New Democrat cabinet minister Corky Evans alleged a small group of MLAs had privately approached Carole James last month, suggesting it was time for her to go. Public Eye has learned that meeting took place on the afternoon of November 17 during which the leader was presented with a short letter - signed by 13 MLAs - making their case. As first reported by The Tyee's Andrew Macleod, a source has said there were three MLAs at that 12 minute meeting. Public Eye has now learned those MLAs were Katrine Conroy, Jenny Kwan and Norm Macdonald. Mr. Evans has alleged Ms. James "advised others in her Caucus and staff what had happened" at the meeting "and named the MLA's (who) had come, in confidence, to see her." There is only one copy of the letter, which is in Ms. James's hands. Ms. Conroy resigned as caucus whip two days after the meeting. The New Democrats have yet to respond to a request for comment.


Is Bill Bennett giving counsel to the BCNDP? This reeks of the BCLib ops to retire Premier Campbell's number, just in a more burlesque instead of Bond, James Bond way.

Also why wasn't that letter copied and... WikiLeaked to PublicEyeOnline?!? More PR errors by the BCNDP. Is water wet?

Just exactly would they have expected CJ to do? It seems to me that a logical action for her to take would have been for her to advise caucus and NDP party leadership. Regardless, for the dissidents to claim foul over this given what they have done over the past few weeks is, in my opinion, a little rich.

Wait a minute. I thought the dissidents were saying James must resign because she doesn't consult with caucus, now she must resign because she does. Hmmmn.

In confidence? A minority number of caucus members go to the party leader to advise her to step down and expect it to be held in confidence? What did they think James would do? File and forget it? The letter with 13 signatures constitutes a red flag; of course James is going to consult with her others. For Corky Evans to suggest she somehow violated the trust of the three who delivered the demand is absolute nonsense.

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