The time and place of the showdown

Yesterday, Carole James announced she would holding an emergency caucus meeting where "every MLA will be held accountable for their behaviour." This, in response to increasing dissent surrounding her leadership of the New Democrats. She didn't have an answer for when that meeting will take place. But now we do: Sunday, at 4:00 in the afternoon, at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.


Of course, that'll be after PublicEyeOnline Radio 8-10 AM Sunday on C-FAX (also streaming), Alise Mills on CKNW shortly after 3 PM Saturday, an entire "other Sean" program on Saturday, and during the other Sean's Sunday program. Really dumb because all the weekend shows w/ substance will talk about is... the crisis instead of the resolution!

But then again, I'm sure the BCNDP reads my comments - and then does the opposite :-). Nor does the BCNDP have the ability to be credible when they just cannot lose an opportunity to look like fools when it comes to pr.

It seems to me that BCNDP are so nasty it almost defines the words mean girls. Someone should tell Ms James she does not rule by divine appointment, but the threats are something I can't abide as a voter. Ms Quan is right when she says James should go now. Women in politics have shown the ability to bully and threaten just as children do. You should all grow up and act with just a tiny bit of dignity and decorum, not with this lets all get in the mud and strike out at the first target I see, disgusting!
As for the Liberals Ms Clark is an opportunist extrordinaire, another example of the calibre of woman in BC politics today, sadly lacking in so many ways.
As a voter and a woman I find this state of affairs distastful in the extreme.

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