Pre-meeting meetings

Earlier today, Carole James announced she'll be holding an emergency caucus meeting where "every MLA will be held accountable for their behaviour." This, in response to increasing dissent surrounding her leadership of the New Democrats. But that's not the only important meeting that will take place in the next few days. Tomorrow, Ms. James is expected to attend a labour caucus liaison meeting, where union and party representatives will likely discuss the present unrest within the New Democrats. Then, later the same day, the party's provincial executive members will be having an urgent meeting via conference call - which is scheduled to take place between 5:30 and 7:00.


There was so much suffering, hardship & public anger after Campbell's first term in office that Smokey the Bear could have captured the same number of votes. Ditto the second time,ditto now. If Carole James had articulated opposition to Campbell's actions she'd be sitting in the Premier's chair. Her hostility and anger is directed against people and ahem.. voters, who dare question her silence. When she hasn't shown she can provide an effective Opposition, why should anyone believe she can govern?

WAC Bennett was right re the NDP not being capable of running a peanut stand. James has been trying to reach out to business and now we see the hard left NDP MLA's take her on for daring to look at widening the narrow NDP window. James we all at the same time has shown herself to be gutless as leader in not earlier taking on the hard left in her caucus which is pretty well controlled by unions like the BCTF.Moe the real leader of the NDP at the minute of course is sitting back and getting his $6,000 plus a month from the unions. Rick Mercer had better watch out that the NDP caucus does not replace his show with their theatre.

I hear that Carole James is taking the Titanic out for another sailing tonight!

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