Hard times call for hard lines?

At this hour, The Globe and Mail's Gary Mason and the CBC are reporting Carole James won't resign. Instead, in response to increasing attacks on her leadership of the provincial New Democrats, the party is planning to hold an emergency weekend meeting that will be attended by "elected caucus of members of the legislature as well as the party executive, perhaps with some influential onlookers from the labour movement." During the meeting, according to The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer, dissident MLAs will be advised they're "challenging the party, not just the leader." If that plan goes ahead, it would be a continuation of Ms. James's hard line response to internal criticism.

In the past, that has led to more public dissent not less. Indeed, it's possible the dissident MLAs won't even show up for such a meeting - being perceived as an exercise in party control rather than conciliation.

Moreover, this approach seems to be underpinned by a belief that concerns surrounding Ms. James's leadership, for the most part, stop and end with those MLAs and that their expulsion from caucus would be a matter of little long-term consequence.

But if that belief is mistaken, as we think it is, Ms. James could end up fracturing more than just caucus. She could end up fracturing the party itself.


"Influential onlookers from the labour movement"? So is the attempt to oust Carole James all about an attempt to re-establish the NDP as a subsidiary of the BCFL?

The REAL leader of the BC NDP is Chairman Mao. He is the one who demanded that his puppet/poodle Carole James sack MLA Simpson. Next time "his " caucus of MLA's meet it will not be yellow scarfs that are used to test loyalty to the great leader but Mao caps, let us see on Sunday night which MLA dares to not don their cap!

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