Joy and Jenny go their separate ways

"I've been talking to enough New Democrats over the last several weeks, and they're so annoyed at those in my party who want to talk about the leadership of Carole James. Ordinary New Democrats are fine, and happy, and thrilled actually in many ways with Carole James' leadership." That's what former opposition leader Joy MacPhail told CKNW's Sean Leslie earlier in November. But her former caucus colleague Jenny Kwan - who formed a two-member opposition with Ms. MacPhail following the New Democrats' devastating defeat in the 2001 election - has a different view of Ms. James.

In a written statement released to the media earlier today, Ms. Kwan accused the party leader of stifling internal debate, as well as failing to provide a clear direction and capture the "support and interest of British Columbians."

Asked about her split with Ms. MacPhail, the Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA told Public Eye, "I have a lot of respect and admiration for Joy and continue to do so. But the fact is Joy is not in caucus right now and she didn't experience what I've experienced over the last number of years. So I have a different perspective coming out with my own set of experiences."

But Ms. Kwan wouldn't elaborate on those experiences, stating, "You're not going to expect me to pull a Bill Bennett are you? I'm not going to do that. I said enough in my statement" - a reference to the former energy minister's detailed airing of his complaints about Premier's Gordon Campbell's leadership style.

Ms. Kwan also wouldn't specifically say how long she's had concerns with Ms. James's leadership. But, asked whether she was prepared to sit as independent, the MLA stated, "What I want to do is fight within our party. I believe that the party is worth fighting for."


Three cheers for Jenny. Before Carole James's supporters line up to shoot the messenger, Jenny is only expressing what people are thinking and saying. Those who think Carole James can win the next election are dreaming in technicolour.

Jenny really shouldn't be badmouthing Joy. Although it was a caucus of two, only one really carried the freight...and it wasn't Jenny. But if the NDP loyalists think they can win with Jenny at the helm,so be it: the navel-gaving walk into the political wilderness will be a long one.

What part of "I have a lot of respect and admiration for Joy and continue to do so. " is it that you would consider as 'badmouthing Joy'?

BCNDP, fight amongst yourselves. The BCLib Police Department is currently adding additional patrols along Stillwell Lane, Alise Avenue, Falcon Drive and Christy Cul-de-sac plus extra Mounties on horseback based out of Polak's Place thanks to our "Leadership" contest. We'll let you have a smashing party as we police ourselves :-). #snark

Bravo Jenny!!! Tell it like it is. God help Carole James if she dares to try and fire you.

Read the next sentence: it's typical of Jenny's insincere flattery. I like you, but I'll slit your throat if it means more power and glory for me, me, ME. A prima donna, Jenny is.

Gents, can you believe the BCNDP?

They get hit by a pair of WS-10 Taihang turbofan engines and what is their response?

Not condemnation.

Not "there goes Jenny again".

Not expulsion.

Yup, a Facebook group: BC New Democrats United.

Res Ipsa Loquitor.

Sean, this social media experiment of the... BCNDP has now gone to Twitter w/ @DissDissidents.

Of course, the BCLibs are looking to add flames to the fire. ChristyClarkFan happened to dig up some archival material from 2009 about the rancid campaigning of Carole James spliced with BCLib MLAs on attack...

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