Kwan calls for a New Democrat leadership race

After weeks of guesswork by the media, Jenny Kwan has finally put in writing why there are concerns about Carole James's leadership of the provincial New Democrats. In a statement distributed moments ago, Ms. Kwan explained "debate has been stifled, decision-making centralized, and individual MLAs marginalized" under Ms. James's watch. According to the Vancouver-Mount Pleasant legislator, the opposition leader has also failed to provide a clear direction or capture "the interest and support of British Columbians." And Ms. Kwan raised concerns about party president Moe Sihota's controversial stipend, which she characterized as a "back room deal." Such deals "should have no place in today's politics," the MLA wrote. "Yet Carole James knew about this deal and did not intervene. In fact, the NDP caucus was not even informed of this arrangement until recently." As a result, Ms. Kwan is calling for a leadership race to revitalize the New Democrats. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned statement.


Shock and dismay. 14 years an MLA and still hasn't figured out how to solve problems in caucus? Really, I would expect more of a seasoned politician. Resolve your differences within the confines of caucus confidentiality instead of in the media.

You might have taken your concerns to the party first, oh - but wait - you did at provincial council and they would have none of it.

You are helping to tear the party down instead of build it up. Shame.

Thank God someone is taking a stand and pushing for a new leader. James has had 2 kicks at the cat and is going down for the third time. Head for the light and let go. Time for a new leader with some real direction, ideas and willing to take a stand. hopefully presenting actual solutions or alternate direction s not just a naysayer. Let's regroup , win and actually try to be an open and acountable government including discussion and compassion.
Good for you Ms. Kwan.

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