The cuddliest candidate?

Abbot: "I'm pretty concerned about the entry of Ranger into the race." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Provincial Liberal leadership candidate George Abbott puts some meat on the bones of one of his principle campaign commitments today. Last week, Mr. Abbott spoke about the importance "collaborative change" - making sure he listens and learns. Asked how he would institutionalize that commitment, the former education minister told reporters he wants to "build something to akin to - but hopefully more effective than - the government caucus committee structure that we had between 2001 and 2005. I've seen too many instances where legislation comes to the caucus prior to its introduction in the legislature and caucus members don't have as full an understanding of what's being proposed as would be advisable."

During the same scrum, Mr. Abbott said the fact he was from "small town British Columbia" but had "lived in urban environments as well" was the principal difference between himself and the other candidates in the race to succeed Gordon Campbell. And he also confronted questions about what role he may have played in the controversial changes that have been made to the way British Columbia's approves drugs for PharmaCare coverage.


W5's program "Pills, Patients and Profits" laid bare the exorbitant profits racked up by American drug corporations. If the Canadian or BC government bought or built a facility to manufacture generic drugs, and drugs produced by Canadian scientists, and distributed them at cost, health care costs would be drastically reduced. That would be fiscally conservative. Again, it's profit and greed that make health care unsustainable.

If George has not listened and learned after his years of being Gordos believer, why would he change now

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