Christmas cheer?

Here's an important date for those monitoring dissent within the provincial New Democrats: December 8. That's when the party's MLAs are scheduled to gather in Victoria - the first caucus meeting since Katrine Conroy announced she was resigning as the opposition's whip. The caucus is also scheduled to have its Christmas party later the same day, at The Stickey Wicket Pub and Restaurant.


Should be some party, with all the in group in one side of the place and the out group, if they show up on the other side of the room. Heard somewhere today that a potential Liberal Candidate and present hot line gal has a higher score than Ms.James. will Moe be leading the sing song?

I'm sure only the national socialists will be there in their knee-high boots and their yellow scarves and they will drink their Henniekins in fine bronze style... #snark

Hey Josef...polite observation, in future, watch the "national socialists" comments. It draws an inference that I don't think even you would want to use.

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