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Tomorrow, Health Services Minister Kevin Falcon will announce he's running to succeed Gordon Campbell as leader of the provincial Liberals. During that announcement, a source close to the campaign has told Public Eye Mr. Falcon will sell himself as a "new generation" candidate and the most likely in the field to hold British Columbia's governing political party together - bridging the rural/urban and big-C Conservative/big-L Liberal divides. He will also discuss how his experiences as health services minister and a new father have changed his perception of the public service - a move meant to soften his hard-edged reputation. And he'll push three principle policy themes: leveraging British Columbia's assets, preparing our children for the future and building health families. Around ten MLAs are expected to attend the campaign launch in support of Mr. Falcon.


So, here it is. Having a child has changed Kevin Falcon, turned him from a prevaricating hardass to another Dad wanting to make the future better for his family. And, to demonstrate, that is correct, he will reject all the funding being offered to him by friends of that billionaire's plaything, The Fraser Institute, including the companies seeking privatization of healthcare and completion of the move to self-regulation in extractive industries, and further reduction of onerous royalties and maybe a few hundred million more in expploration credits. To avoid the appearance of conflict, Kevin no doubt will also reject funding from private power producers, salmon farmers and all the others doing business with the BC Liberal Government.

And, while I might not have believed any pledge by the old Kevin Falcon, I will take him at his word in anything he says in the future.

Two things:

1) Christy Clark really explained what a new BCLib leader must do to CPAC... and now YouTube. I doubt very, very seriously Kevin Falcon can put forth new policies since he hasn't been outside of cabinet taking the full fire n brimstone of the hoi polloi... but he is going to try to be New Coke. Sorry, Kevin... that's not going to work. People want Classic Coca-Cola and a few new products alongside it like Root Beer, 7-11 and the like.

2) Sean, congrats for making the Vancouver CBC... which is now on YouTube. I really think you shouldn't wear light blue scarfs when that's Christy Clark's colour.

Just another nugget circling the bowl...........

Anyone who missed Dan Murphy's Editorial cartoon in the Province will get a kick out of his take on how the campaigns might shape up. Falcon's is absolutely hilarious, his new campaign slogan - "Kevin Falcon: Not Ruthless At All" One has to wonder how gullible people will be.


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