Distant early warning

There are two games George Abbott has to play if he wants to succeed Gordon Campbell as premier of British Columbia. The first, is the short game: the race for the Liberal leadership. The second, is the long game: the race to retain government in 2013. And while Mr. Abbott may have what it takes to win the former prize, he has yet to show he has what it takes to win the later one. Let me be clear: to my eye, Mr. Abbott seems to be a decent guy. I think he's been a competent cabinet minister. I think he might even make a competent premier. But I also think British Columbians want a premier who will do politics differently.

And that means more than a vague commitment to "respect" and "reconnect" with the grassroots. It means showing British Columbians how he'll do that - something that wasn't included in the grab bag of uninspired policies he's planning to lug around the province as he campaigns for the Liberal leadership. Indeed, given that Mr. Abbott has served as a member of the Campbell administration's executive council for the past nine years, I expect better of him.

But perhaps that exactly why I shouldn't - causing me to question whether he can restore confidence in the government after winning it.


Well, it was a spect-a-cul-ar smack-down your panel gave Abbott today. Good thumpin'. All the candidates should have to face the panel for one debate...

Also reports are loud n clear Kevvy Falcon is in. Cleared in hot. Good. Beaking off and being second-best to Christy Clark starts in 5, 4, 3...

I'm not so sure if it matters who becomes the next leader of the BC Liberal Party as to whether they can win the next election. It will more likely come down to how many incumbents choose to run again. Most of them still have the stench of the BC Rail debacle, the HST and a host of other deeds that have negatively impacted a many voters. And by 2013, there is a good possibility that the negative effects on BC Hydro's bottom line caused by the ludicrous contracts awarded to the IPPs will start to become evident to the masses.

At this point, the best prognostication of the next election is that the results will be as easy to predict as nailing Jello to the wall. The recession in 2008 has turned the electorate into an unhappy lot, and unhappy people will be looking to take out their frustrations on someone. Wisdom would say that the ruling party is the likely target, but with the opposition looking like anything but a well-oiled machine and the other so-called mainstream parties remaining nothing more than wallflowers, all bets are off. One would have thought that the Green Party would be in a position to move up in the pecking order, but they have never been able to attract any kind of decent leadership or candidates, and will continue to spin their wheels. The Conservatives seem to be a non-entity. Maybe a new party can come out of the woodwork if they can capitalize on those voters that feel let down by both major parties, but time may be their enemy.

One thing for sure, all the political pundits should have no shortage of material to talk about for the next few years, maybe decades.

The citizenry can either have a continuation of the same or they can have a change in politics. They can't have both though.
There's no place for a nice guy in reptillian politics and that's what George Abbot is. He's bright, good intentioned, and well meaning. But as much as citizens deserve that, they aren't going to get it.
Falcon has cold-bloodedly waited for his turn. He's played second fiddle to Campbell and toiled in his dark shadow. With him gone now, Falcon will pounce for what he feels is rightfully his.

There's Christy Clark also ready, aye, ready to be SuperChristy. I hear thru Twitter that ChristyClarkFan will post exclusive audio of Christy Clark's thoughts on Kevin Falcon.

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