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"You lost so now either quit your bitching or get another job." Public Eye has learned Saanich South legislator Lana Popham is one of at least three dissident provincial New Democrat MLAs who received an envelope without a return address containing that message. "This makes me feel so sick," Ms. Popham wrote in a posting on her Facebook page yesterday, adding the message was typed up on a slip of paper. The message was sent following last weekend's New Democrat provincial council meeting, where Carole James and her supporters took a hard line in response to dissent surrounding her leadership of the party. That dissent included an unsuccessful resolution calling for a leadership convention in 2011.

In an interview with Public Eye, New Democrat caucus chair Kathy Corrigan denounced the letter.

"That's terrible That's awful. It must be very disturbing for people to receive something like that. And that's completely inappropriate that someone would do something like that," she said.

"I'm sure it didn't come from anybody within the caucus or the party. But, when a member of the public does that, it's disturbing anytime you get anything like that. So I feel for them. And I'll be calling them for sure or emailing them or however I can get a hold of them and finding out more about it, just in case we need to take further action."

Ms. Popham is one of 13 legislators who are apparently off-side with Ms. James.


Honestly, if Ms. Popham can't take someone saying "quit your bitching", she is in the wrong line of work. If she ever becomes a member of the government, she will get much, much worse. This is not to excuse that kind of base 'discourse' (it really isn't discourse). Politics and the world in general would be better if we could eliminate that kind of crap. But really, it's not going to stop and whining about it on Facebook is childish. Grow up, Lana.

You have got to be kidding. Did she say she couldn't handle it? or that she planned on quitting because the hate mail has gotten to her? No. She is telling her friends about a 'crappy' (using your words) thing that happened to her at work. Welcome to social networking, she has the right to tell people whatever she wants. Welcome to the 21st century. Grow up, M.

This is the kind of deplorable s--t that needs to be reported and turned over to law enforcement. Good on Lana for coming forward. Who knows how far this will go...

Oh and yes, many years ago when I may have cost an elections employee his or her job I too got one of these anon coward snail mails. Makes your stomach churn...

Ms.Popham not lost anything. A fairly large number of MLA's just don't necessarily agree with the direction the party is going under the direction of MS.James. Somebody is trying to stir up something. Ignore that person Ms.Popham and keep working as hard as you do for the folks who voted for you

Wow, this is simply awful. I'd bet that no politician ever has endured such contemptible treatment. It is hard to believe that an anonymous person could mail a letter to the constituency office using those exceptionally abusive, foul words. She must feel terrorized and intimidated, maybe even unable to carry on in public life. Perhaps getting another job should be considered.

Norm, you're absolutely right. Lana and a bunch of the other New Democrat MLAs will, in short order, walk across the floor to join up with Bob Simpson and form an independent caucus/ party. Some within the party have called them the principled/ethical crowd.

OTOH, Carole and company will then be unopposed within caucus and be guided by the dictates of Moe at HQ. Imagine that.

Boo, hoo, hoo. Poor Lana! What a whimp! She deserves the comment. Coming out with Kwan and Travena to support Conroy yet not having the fortitute to actually say that she's against James made her a fool. Actually, I had never heard of her before that day. Seriously, who had ever heard of Popham before that amateurish performance with those other NDP gals.

Delia, I simply can't believe you haven't heard of Lana before, especially being the stalwart defender of Carole James that you are. One would think if you're going to defend your dear leader as vociferously, and vitriolically as you do, that you'd know a little NDP history. By all means, defend...but do it with some class.

Alex Tsakumis had the best lines about the classy resignation of the Whip:

“And Popham and Kwan in tow like school girls avenging their friend’s bad date–Christ, is this what passes for “strong female voices in the legislature”?? No wonder Taylor and Ilich bolted.”

One thing is for sure--the anonymous louse isn't well-educated. He doesn't know squat about punctuation. Yeah, it's likely a guy. Reactionary men like to use the word "bitch", and other sexist putdowns. Women generally complain more effectively, using reason and giving corroborating evidence with specific details. (Reactionary men call it nagging. Go figure!) At any rate, Lana Popham rocks! May she succeed in all her endeavours. A pox on her simian critics!

Politics is like grade one (which Popham is acting like): no one likes a cry baby.

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