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Earlier, we reported CKNW host Christy Clark will be making a statement regarding her potential bid for the provincial Liberal leadership. So what was that statement? Well, just before her show wrapped up for the day, Ms. Clark told listeners she was "going to think very hard about" running to succeed Gordon Campbell. "Over the past few weeks, I've heard from people from all corners of the province and all walks of life. And I don't mind saying I've been told not to run by many people who care about me and worry about the impact that it has on my life. I've also been told not to run by some people who don't like me - yes, they actually exist. But I really haven't had time to digest all of this. It's been, quite honestly, very tough to do while I've been focusing on this job. And that's going to change after today's show."

"I have some scheduled time away from the station. And it's going to be a chance for me to collect my thoughts and my friends and my family and give this question some very serious considerations. I feel like I owe that to the people who have encouraged me to step back into the political arena. I owe it to my mom and my dad who live so strongly in my heart. And mostly, if you don't mind me saying, I think I owe it to myself because public life and media are both noble callings. And my job now, over the next week, is to decide how best to serve."



There's my thought balloon...

Well the thought balloon made YouTube. Hmmm...

It's an Xmas miracle!!

In the absence that BCLibFan, SkagitIMS and MaryPolakFan, CristyClarkFan has come to the rescue- at least within the past 56mins.

Could it be that they are the same person? Could it be that that person is self promoting his or her own lame videos on YouTube? Again?

Will the mystery ever be solved!?

Re: Fuck | November 26, 2010 8:21 PM | Reply

I don't recall creating a MaryPolakFan channel. I'm sure you also sent that note to MLA Lana Popham. It reeks of your hatred and cowardice, Buck.

BTW, ChristyClarkFan (again, you BCNDP just cannot spell and your stupidity is why you will NEVER again have a real leader like a Clark or a Popham save your asses) has three videos up. I just checked. Apparently ChristyClarkFan - whomever that is - doesn't **need** to use ME to promote itself...

Re: Buck | November 26, 2010 8:21 PM | Reply

#1. It's a, not an.

#2. I never said ChristyClarkFan was me. Nor do I know of any MaryPolakFan channel. Mary Polak's air support - which is me - had to divert and desist for a while due to bullying to my southern flank from cop haters.

#3. "That that"? Where's your grammar?

#4. The YouTube channel is ChristyClarkFan BTW - you can check for yourself. Like Avoter, possibly the same person, you two cannot spell and lance out with anger & vile towards great BCLibs like me, Mary Polak, Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell and the like. I think people like you are the kind of people who also would send anon hate mail to Lana Popham.

#5. Christy Clark does NOT need me the way Mary Polak did. There are many on the Internets promoting her 4 Premier. But since we're on the subject of Mary Polak... perhaps Buck would do the free world a service and remind us all about the months-delayed payments to autism therapists my hero said wasn't going to happen and I believed her? Ooops, I did because I support PublicEyeOnline and the cause of getting facts to folks.

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