Sihota's stipend revealed

The provincial New Democrats are paying Moe Sihota $75,600 to be president of their party, Public Eye has exclusively learned. The value of his controversial stipend was disclosed during a closed door meeting of the party's governing provincial council this past Sunday. Delegates attending that meeting were also advised Mr. Sihota was paid $63,000 during the first ten months of 2010. The party has repeatedly refused to publicly divulge those and other details about the president's stipend, except to say it's being funded using a "generous, earmarked gift" from the labour movement. Earlier this week, Public Eye reported the lion's share of that gift was given by the Canadian Union of Public Employees British Columbia and the United Steelworkers.


So it appears that union control of the NDP is making a comeback. One more thing for the NDP leader to overcome.

I belonged to two national unions and such a deal was simply impossible and the constitution said so. Money could not be allocated for political purposes

What the hell is the NDP thinking?!?!

This is insane.

Just so very very wrong on so many levels.... I'm speechless.

Bad enough they're using Union funds, but for MOE SIHOTA??

Oh BC Politics, you never fail to shock and appall.

So all of these "exclusively obtained" factoids are direct leaks from people who seek to undermine the NDP, its governing bodies and its leaders. Should we focus our lenses on the disgruntled MLAs or their staffs?

Makes you wonder what's really up?

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