Stowe throws his support to Falcon

"If Kevin decides to run, then I'll be supporting him." That's what what PACE Communications Group Inc. managing partner Norman Stowe said when asked he is supporting Health Minister Kevin Falcon's potential leadership bid. "He's my MLA. I've lived in his constituency for 23 years now and he's been my MLA for a big chunk of it. So I'm very happy to support him. I think he'll do well. I think he connects with a lot of young families. He's married. He's got a 10-month-old daughter. He's got a very different perspective on things."

"I think he's a new generation and a fresh face and, at the end of the day, he's got a track record that's second to none," continued Mr. Stowe, a prominent Liberal supporter. "He knows how to get stuff done. And, when you look around this province in his six years at the ministry of transportation, there's a lot of stuff that he spearheaded for the government and got done - built on time, on budget, all that stuff."


The best chance of the NDP winning the next election is if the Liberals choose Kevin Falcon as Premier. He bragged on Global TV he does not care whether health care is provided by the public or private sector. It shows contempt for the wishes of the people when the Conversation on Health demonstrated the public want to maintain universal public health care, and it matters not to him that contracting out health care to the private sector breaks the law. Campbell & Falcon tried to set up public care to fail by refusing to fund timely CT & MRI scans and surgeries that break the bottleneck to faster service. Maintaining the private sector is more competent than the public sector is laughable considering the greed of the private sector brought capitalism to its knees, salvaged only by socializing the debt, piling it on the backs of individual taxpayers. If Falcon is unable to oversee the delivery of health care at cost, more efficiently and cost effectively than the private sector, he is incompetent. If he is not incompetent, then he is intent on lining the pockets of the wealthy. Every dollar that is paid out as profit is a dollar that could, and should, have been spent on health care. There are lots of ways to make money in this society. It is unforgiveable to take money that should be spent on healing ill people and deposit it in your personal pocketbook. Privatization will see a corporate CEO decide your fate on what is most profitable for their bottom line. My husband is a good example. He has a rare cancer that affects one in 14 million. Our public health care gave him a stem cell transplant and the prognosis is he should live many years. If he lived in the United States, the treatment would have been denied as experimental, and he would be dead by now. Even if treatment had been approved, we could not have afforded the co-payment. BC has the opportunity to showcase our public health care as the best in the world, and that is the best drawing card for new investment and personnel. Our health scientists and researchers are making significant live saving discoveries, the BC Cancer Agency has worldwide respect, and just about every patient attests treatment is excellent. Public health care is also a hidden, competitive advantage for BC corporations. Ask GM in the States how private health care seriously damages their bottom line.

Pace Communications have done very nicely on government billings these past few years. Their 'expertise' ranges widely, serving on such long term projects as The Davies Commission, which is still examining Frank Paul's 1998 death.

Norm, they'd have to do well in billings in order to be able to do this:

Total Contribution For This Search: $42,615.00

Hopefully that follows both of them around - we need to know who's paying for whom.

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