Curious about George?

Were you unable to be at the Pan Pacific Vancouver for George Abbott's announcement that he's running for the provincial Liberal leadership? Did you not find out about the conference line for that announcement until it was too late? Not to worry, because Public Eye has the audio for the first 32 minutes of that news conference.


Thanks for the offer Sean but listening to G. Abbott for that length of time is unusual harsh treatment. He has stood by as Gordo trashed so many things in this province, why would electing him mean any changes to those of us who don't happen to be rich. He hacked the heck out of the Health Ministry and loved every minute of it. Then it passed on to Falcon who is doing his best to wreck and bits George missed.

Well put Avoter. Yes, George Abbott is responsible for significant damage to our health care system. For seven long years he and his government have been pushed to improve rural and remote ambulance service. What have they done in that seven years. Nothing...nada..zilch. Its all smoke and mirrors and meaningless drivel that these Liberals serve up.

Does this mean that former sexiest man at the leg, premy's office policy wonk, and all round nice Sicamousian will be taking a leave of absence?


Now Education is stuck with MacDiarmid again.

Yeh but George promised on CKNW radio that his approach to policy making will be a consultative one (no, no, he wasn't saying that Campbell's hadn't been). Like he might be thinking of consulting with "the stake holders" for an as-yet-to-b- determined length of time on whether and when will be the time to rais the minimum wage. He made it sound as though he hasn't heard anybody talking about that issue for the last decade. What a clown - I mean clone.

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