Northward bound?

Northward bound

A group called The North Needs Kevin has taken out a full-page newspaper in support of the health minister's potential run for the provincial Liberal leadership. The ad appeared in today's edition of The Prince George Citizen on page 42. The Website Opinion 250 is also reporting Mr. Falcon will come to "Prince George to make his official announcement of his intention to seek the leadership of the Liberal party of BC" - something that will happen this coming Sunday or Tuesday. But a source close to Mr. Falcon stated, "If he is going to run, he'll be announcing in Cloverdale - which is his constituency. That's where he lives and that's where he'll launch from."


The North needs bulldozer boy like a hole in the head.

The North needs Kevin Falcon... as Minister of Health and Mouth-in-Chief. Bring on Christy Clark!

Why does the north need another Gordon Campbell?

The furthest north Josef has gone is Walnut Grove (it's in Canada, Joey K.).

Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic at best.

Who said "bring on Christy Clark"? On Christy's radio show the other day she had a guest who together with her dissected and disparaged Sarah Palin's manipulation of American mass media to influence politics. A cute and coy Christy Clark seems to like keeping her many supporters on the edges of their seats, but I'm just wondering when she's going to realize that she IS British Columbia's Sarah Palin.

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