Jiles backing education minister's leadership bid

Lobbyist Mark Jiles has confirmed he's among those supporting Education Minister George Abbott's bid for the provincial Liberal leadership - which will announced tomorrow morning at 11:00. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Jiles stated, "I like George Abbott. I don't really have a defined role on his campaign. But I've definitely been helping him out...I think he's a good leader and a great guy and provides a balance approach." Earlier, Public Eye reported Imperial Metals Corp. corporate affairs vice-president Byng Giraud and National Public Relations Inc. manager Sarah Weddell are also involved in the Abbott campaign.

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According to a Vaughn Palmer column, at a caucus retreat George Abbott was reporting the Conversation on Health showed the public wanted to maintain universal public health care. Campbell, wanting to privatize health care, was ragging on him. Abbott asked Campbell who was giving the report, him or Campbell. Contrast that with Kevin Falcon who recently said on Global TV, after announcing new funding for health care, that he didn’t care whether health care was provided by the public or private sector. Contracting out health care to the private sector siphons off hundreds of millions from the health care budget, paid out as profit, making health care unsustainable, and will destroy people’s health and finances far more than the HST. Where the candidates stand on this is more important than the HST.

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