Leaving the past where it is

Last week, former energy minister Bill Bennett delivered a blistering assessment of Gordon Campbell's management style - alleging he's a bully who has driven other caucus members to tears. The premier has denied those allegations. But, as we observed during Mr. Bennett's scrum, Elaine Brenzinger made similar accusations following her resignation from government caucus in March 2004. The Times Colonist's Lindsay Kines and Jeff Rud quoted her as saying the premier keeps such tight control of his government that it's like being part of a "Campbell cult." And she recalled an incident where Mr. Campbell berated another legislator for asking questions about problems at the ministry of children and family development. But Ms. Brenzinger has declined to revisit those accusations. In a response to an interview request placed by Public Eye last Thursday, the former legislator explained in an email, "It just brings back very bad feelings from the past and I have moved on now."

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