Simons says

Simons says

During this past weekend's heated New Democrat provincial council meeting, it was reported dissident MLA Nicholas Simons had jabbed his finger at loyalist Mable Elmore, repeatedly saying, 'Do you want to fight?" But, in a posting on his Facebook profile yesterday, the Powell River-Sunshine Coast legislator wrote, "Some inaccurate media reports suggested I wanted to pick a fight with a colleague. I received an apology - not from the media, but from the person I was accused of asking for a fight." Asked whether she had indeed apologized to Mr. Simons, Ms. Elmore told Public Eye, "There wasn't a problem in the first place, Sean. So we were fine. I was fine with him, he was fine with me and there was no problem." As for Mr. Simons, in a text message, he stated, "I accepted her apology and would rather leave it at that."

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From the little I know of Simon, the whole story looked weird. He is a straight shooter, well respected by many who watch him in question period,write him now and again, and watch estimates.I believe him over Baldry any day

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