Top of Mind - November 22, 2010

Will Christy Clark run for the leadership of the provincial Liberals?

Increasingly, this seems to be a possibility. In the absence of a definitive statement by Ms. Clark on whether she's interested in succeeding Gordon Campbell, supporters have actually begun organizing for a potential leadership bid. And since there is no other caucus outsider or female candidate among those most likely to run for that position, she's under mounting pressure to step up to the starting gate. As we've already noted, if she did so, that could substantially alter the race's dynamics.

Does Carole James's strong-armed handling of dissent help or hurt her?

Ms. James won plaudits for first expelling Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson and later going on the attack against her critics. But that behaviour doesn't square with her self-branding as being someone who does "politics differently" and "works hard to bring people together."

Indeed, James supporters seemed to use a strong us-versus-them approach at this past weekend's provincial council meeting - even though it was considered likely delegates would vote down a contentious resolution proposing a leadership convention in 2011. That approach was perhaps best seen in the handing out of pro-leader scarves and buttons that visibly isolated dissidents - something one attendee described as "visual intimidation."

As a result, even though such tactics seem to have played well externally, that may not be the case internally - eventually prompting dissidents to quit the New Democrats or get out of politics entirely. So Ms. James could find herself heading a party with an increasingly narrow membership base.


Problem w/ Christy is, she was kinda unfair to MCFD Min Mary Polak by wanting her to interfere in an investigation so I have to give out a demerit. There. Done. Clark 4 Premier!

That said, Moira Stilwell just decided to leap into the BCLib race. She's no hot Mary or Christy ready to melt the BC Leg but good for her! We need a leader for the liberty team!! :-)!!!

Why would Cristy Clarke want the job ? Unless the NDP continue to argue a lot, she would end up in opposition and have less time to spend with her child. As for getting Polak involved in the horrible result of poor management of a case, well reported to Polak's ministry, Polak tried to stonewall the Child Advocate, which is not a very smart thing to do. As the lead editorial in the T/C said, Polak was simply dead wrong to try to ignore what was going on.
I followed,the discussion between Clarke and Polak on the local radio station. Score one for Clarke and zero for Polak. sorry Josef, you keep supporting the wrong person.

Avoter | November 22, 2010 3:05 PM | Reply

#1. Christy Clark is her name. Learn how to spell please. She would make a great Premier who would actually change the system the way she wants - or awfully close.

#2. The BCNDP are going to argue. A lot. And some more.

#3. The Child Advocate is a grandstanding, ineffectual person who really is trying inappropriately to be MLA #86. Where was she during the EIBI situation? Waiting for the next kid to suffer before racing breathlessly to the cameras or yanking out a suponea?

Also Min Polak has to worry about liability right now because - and I can say this, she cannot - there are MCFD Min employees who need to be fired over what happened to that Down Syndrome young lady. It helps when you have a former COO of a business as a Cabinet Minister... you learn those kind of things that your typical BCNDP activist never will.

Christy Clark would be the worst direction for liberals-she may not be in cabinet but she is about as best an example of a liberal insider as you can get-not being in on HST helps but her legacy is littered with roadkill.
She also has a very confrontational style and pushes people to extreme positions-why do you think she was made Education Minister in 2001? As one of the ministers who did GC's dirty work for him she has credibility in the party but polarizes people outside of it. She may try to distance herself from her days as Minister of Ed and MCFD but it there in black and white. Lots of conflict and hard as she tries to lay the blame on BCTF it takes two to tango.
She is a deal breaker, not a deal maker and many provincial contracts up for negotiation-BCGEU, HSA, CUPE all currently expired and BCTF up end of year.
Besides, for all the reasons I mentioned she makes a good talk show host-she is no journalist but for entertainment she is great.

Is it even possible to rehabilitate the BC Liberal Party? If it is, how likely is it that any one of the above selection of Campbell sycophants would do it? Can you see any one of them actually following through with the transparency and accountability avoided by Campbell? The BC Conservatives seem like a better bet, if they ever get organized.

Guys: Alex let it all but slip in the bottom of this post and in his replies to comments there that Christy Clark is looking to leap very, very soon... and your chestbone is about to crack!

I find it most interesting that Josef seems ready to call another poster, first a drinker, then someone who can't spell if leaning on some MLA who is not good at her job, which is supposed to be looking after children. It will be interesting, one more time to see Polak ordered to provide information on the children under her care. To say that Mary Ellen Tupell is a grand stander and ineffectual is just plain silly. Remember Josef, your hero was one of the MLA's who voted along with the other MLAs for her to take on the job of Children’s' advocate, and she is going her job, while being stalled by the Minister.

When Polak et al attempted a sneaking end run around Turpel-Lafond's legally mandated access to ministry information, the latter's last resource was to file suit. An indignant Polak declared the lawsuit to be nothing but a waste of time and money,(even allowing her colleague the A. G. de Jong to stoop so low as to insinuate that the Child Advocate's motives were merely to leak confidential Cabinet secrets). Polak's blind intransigence, even to recognize the mandate she herself had a part in conferring to the advocate, forced both the government and the office of the children's rep to spend scarce resources on unnecessary litigation. It came as no surprise to anybody except Polak, de Jong, and possibly to Josef K that the B.C. children's representative ultimately won the day in court.

So, former COO of a business or not, I'm wondering why it is that in spite of the track record that every time she opens her mouth all that happens is unnessary government expense and more egg sticking to her face, Polak sustains such a fascination for some(one)?

Folks, this problem got resolved yesterday. I won't spoil the link, just want to see if some of you actually care or want to hurl.

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