In line or out of line?

James: "It was a thorough debate and a very strong vote of support..." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Today, the New Democrats' provincial council voted down a resolution proposing a leadership convention in 2011. As expected, Carole James is using that vote to try to put a cap on dissent within the party. But, speaking with reporters, Ms. James declined to say what would happen if off-side legislators didn't fall into line. "If anything occurs otherwise, we'll have that conversation," she stated.


Sean the Great, unless you mention this video in tomorrow's show, I'm not going to watch. I just need to browse a PublicEyeOnline or CanWest comment thread or hear the blushing of one ALPHA MIKE & the lesser Sean on CKNW today at 3 PM to see how darn awesome today's vote was... for the BCLibs.

BCNDP, at best for them, have a tough year ahead. Much tougher than it had to be because it'll be about their past failures instead of 2013 & an alternative to the BCLibs.

Like I said, read the comment threads. The chatter says a lot...

Off hot.

Carole James expelled Bob Simpson from caucus for a mild criticism most people never heard of until she made it an issue. By contrast she labeled the caucus members who disagreed with her as selfish, self centered, destroyers of the party, people who aren’t interested in serving the interests of the people of BC. .Doesn’t it seem logical she’s the one who broke caucus solidarity and should be expelled for nasty, degrading remarks?
Carole demonstrates her toughness by bad mouthing party members who disagree with her. Have you ever heard her be tough on Campbell? She’s given Campbell a free ride. About her only criticism has been mindless prattle that “people can’t trust him”. There was more anger about what Campbell did during his first term in office than there was about the HST, so Carole rode that wave of discontent and erroneously tries to take credit for reviving the party. There is a lot of anger and despair over the Liberal government’s aggressive move to privatize health care, but Carole can’t even defend that NDP sacred cow. Susan Lambert in a 30 second TV clip laid bare the devastation the Liberals caused in education. A Vancouver Sun editorial outlined how the Liberal’s privatization of Hydro is going to cost consumers A LOT MORE, meanwhile a few private companies will reap huge profits, paid for by you and me. Public ownership of Hydro keeps costs low for consumers and business, and gives BC businesses a competitive edge. Even Wacky Bennett could see that. Liquor stores have been privatized meaning there is less government revenue to reduce the tax burden on individuals. Tax cuts for corporations. The convention center and the retractable roof for BC Place are about 100% over budget. Have you ever heard her complain that the doubling of costs demonstrate the Liberals can’t manage the economy? And without the 1.6 billion received from the feds for implementing the HST there would have been a 2 billion deficit. Is it the Liberals who can’t manage a peanut stand? Raw logs are exported at an alarming rate costing thousands of jobs. Ambulances cut. Inadequate social housing has been built. The Liberals let the ship building industry and jobs go down the tube preferring to demonstrate religious loyalty to free trade. The Liberals are under cutting Alberta, charging such a low royalty for natural gas they might as well give it away. I could go on and on. Throughout Campbell’s term, Carole’s silence has been deafening. She’s been the worst opposition leader this country has ever had. She should resign gracefully before she loses the next election, because lose it she will, and when that happens she’ll be as despised as Gordie.

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