Showing their colours

New Democrat provincial council meeting from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

New Democrat leader Carole James's supporters made it easy for reporters to identify potential dissidents. Prior to provincial council getting underway, they handed out yellow buttons that read "Carole winning together!" and "Doer Dexter James," as well as similarly coloured scarves - a feature of her 2003 leadership campaign. See for yourself in the footage above. But among those not wearing such regalia or applauding during Ms. James's speech were 13 MLAs - something first reported by The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie. So with 84 percent of council delegates voting down a resolution proposing a leadership convention in 2011, the question now becomes what happens to those off-side legislators.

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Don't forget to add Bob Simpson to the list of not so content with Ms.James as head MLA. Collectively they represent a lot of party supporters not thrilled with the MLA who sort of thinks she has papered over the mess. Think again Moe. A guy I know dropped his donation of 600 last year to ten bucks this year, and if there ever is a all party member vote his ten bucks gives him a shot of getting rid of James. I quit supporting back when that woman somehow managed to become the leader, way back when.

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