James confirmed to have survived vote

Opposition caucus staff have now confirmed the New Democrats' provincial council has voted down a resolution proposing a leadership convention in 2011. The count was 18 delegates in favour and 97 opposed. Party leader Carole James is scheduled to speak to reporters about the vote at 12:15. Meanwhile, a resolution calling for Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson's reinstatement to caucus was ruled out of order.


So if 13 MLA's sat stone-faced and didn't applaud Carole at the provincial council meeting (about 40% of caucus) how will they be able to work together in the future?

The NDP caucus is obviously very divided and split.

Keith Baldrey of Global News was also reporting that NDP MLA Simons threatened a physical fight with NDP MLA Elmore in the hallway, after the council meeting, in front of the media. Yikes!

We are dead in the water..............
Such a shame. Perfect time to reorganize and rebuild.

Now all Alise Mills has to do is find a Premier with a pulse NOT named Gordon Campbell for the BCLibs to win in 2013, 2017 and possibly 2021.

Carole James is, has been and always will be the best BCNDP Leader the BCLibs could ever have after Ujjal Dosanjh...

Most of us know who Nick Simons , not a type of guy to strike anyone, but Elmore doesn't ring a bell as a strong MLA. No doubt when Moe decides who will be critic of certain ministries she will become more noticeable.

Wonder just how many of the MLA's who were not using yellow scarves might walk to join Simpson. The Provincial Council is not the authority, its the party members and loyal supporters who will run the show at ballot time. Guess I should go to the NDP website to see who the lady reported to be about to get beat up, actually looks like. Gordo and his friends are having a good day, what with rising polls and no significant change in the NDP Inner circle.

Vaughn Palmer is now blogging that he spoke with a couple of party insiders who predict that some NDP MLA's will now break from the NDP and form a new political party with Bob Simpson.

And news on that front, Sean?

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