The silence of solidarity

Conroy: "I have resigned my position..." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Earlier today, Kootenay West MLA Katrine Conroy announced she had resigned as the opposition's caucus whip. But, as seen in the footage above, Ms. Conroy was tight-lipped about that decision - despite repeated attempts by reporters to pry some answers out of her. "I'm not going to betray caucus solidarity," she explained. Although she did say rumours she had earlier considered resigning after Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson was expelled from caucus were "unfounded."

Opposition legislators Lana Popham and Jenny Kwan - who showed up in support of the former whip along with Claire Trevena - weren't any more forthcoming.

Like Ms. Conroy, neither would comment on whether they continue to back party leader Carole James. Although when asked whether the dissent surrounding Carole James's leadership had anything to do with sexism, Ms. Kwan stated, "In my view, it's not a gender issue."

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