Kwan, Popham and Trevena supporting Conroy

Today, Kootenay West MLA Katrine Conroy announced she had resigned as the opposition's caucus whip - a decision conveyed to party leader Carole James on Wednesday. Despite being repeatedly pressed by reporters, Ms. Conroy wouldn't elaborate on her reasons for resigning other than to say she had lost the confidence of the leader and caucus. The former whip also declined to comment on the leadership questions surrounding Ms. James. Provincial New Democrat MLAs Jenny Kwan, Lana Popham and Claire Trevena showed up in support of Ms. Conroy. But, when scrummed, Mses. Kwan and Popham were equally tight-lipped. Ms. Conroy's announcement comes as the party's governing provincial council is scheduled to debate constituency association resolutions calling for a leadership convention in 2011 and Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson's reinstatement to caucus. Public Eye will soon post our footage of the event.


Good to see Lana in the fight. She's no socialist.

Jenny on the other hand...

Claire, the jury's still out.

Carole James, run for Leader. BCLib Leader.

I can't help but wonder if these "manoevers" are overrated.
The only thing worse than bad press is no press and I'm with Layla and Mary...the only thing that matters now, is exposing the corruption of the BC Liberals.

I have a lot of trust in those women mentioned in the article. Jenny has been around for a long time, Lana is a big supporter of ALR and is a local farmer on the peninsula. Claire works very hard for her constituents. When they show up on support, they really don't have to say much, leaving the decision to the Party Council. Let's check back again on Monday.
Congrats Josef K, this is about the first time you havn't managed to mention your favorite MLA from Children and Families. You know, the one with the supoenas.

Jenny Kwan is considered a senior member of caucus. Not good. And you can add other MLA's to that list like Doug Routley, Gary Coons, Guy Gentner, Harry Lali, etc., etc.

And Carole James is now telling them to "grow up." Ugh.

Avoter : Don't know where you live but Claire Trevena doesn't do a heck of a lot for her constituents at all. She never said squat when the Campbell River sawmill went down nor anything again when the pulp mill closed. She follows an American activist blindly and would have 6000 aquaculture employees in her riding put out of work in her blind support of Alex Morton. She regularly slams Quinsam coal. The big employers in her constituency get no support from her nor do their employees. She is the last person to show any respect or admiration for.

Claire is your stereotypical social activist joke. Sad to see the voters didn't get the hint when the Premier flew in to warn about loss of clean power jobs... and hired somebody else.

Avoter, half of the time you probably drink as you comment. People issue suponeas all the time, especially to granstand.

First off Josef, I don't drink and may I suggest you read the Lead Editorial in the Times Colonist today ( Saturday) about the shoddy performance of your hero at Children and Families. When an independent office of the legislator needs to get sopoenas to deal with a ministry many alarm bells should be ringing.

As for the negative comments by someone about Claire T., I figure the twice elected MLA for the north island must be doing something right. I too as many other, am against fish farms out in the bay. The wild stocks are getting decimated as some off shore companies make a bundle of money doing something they aren’t allowed to do in their own countries.

Coal mining has killed a lot of people on the island and elsewhere. Qunisom coal isn't about to do you any favors by selling the stuff off shore. A couple of good books on the subject might convince you of the good and bad off coal mining on the island.

But in a democratic country, we can disagree on just about anything. I look forward to the next court loss by the Ministry of Children and Families.
I look forward to fish farms coming on shore and if a decent environmental study is done, the stopping of coal mining on the Island.

Avoter, great comment I disagree with.

But hey, right now, BCLibs around the world & Vancouvers & Victorias & Langleys are partying!! Our hero Carole James got a reprieve!!! Infighting is continuing!!! The comment threads are blasting the BCNDP and the left is staying home in 2013!!!!

Na, na, na... while the MCFD is still a mess and Min Polak's hands are tied by law & criminal investigation... and the min wage may or may not increase... and so on.

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