The will of the majority

One of the questions being asked by some provincial New Democrats right now is what level of support Carole James needs to have to continue as leader of the party As we earlier reported, at least five constituency associations have drafted resolutions calling for a leadership race. By comparison, 12 associations are on record as supporting the status quo - a constitutionally-mandated leadership review in 2011. That means we don't know where 68 ridings stand on the eve of a provincial council meeting that is scheduled to debate those resolutions. Nor do we know what percentage of caucus is still standing behind Ms. James. It's unlikely more than 50 percent of MLAs or constituency associations would back turfing her. But is a simple majority of support enough?

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James is not the real leader of the NDP, Moe is. Moe made James fire Simpson from the NDP Caucus because he made it public that he was getting $6,000 a month in wages ( was tricky Moe declaring this on his income tax?? )in secret from Labour Unions. Moe if fighting like hell to keep James in place so he can and will be the power behind the throne if lacky is elected premier. Democracy is great, isn't it!

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