Who's in charge?

The provincial New Democrats are literally attempting to capitalize on Premier Gordon Campbell's decision to remain in office until the end of February. In a fundraising email obtained by Public Eye, the party's acting organization director Leslie Kerr stated Mr. Campbell "doesn't want to go anywhere quickly. He wants to be Premier." Even though Finance Minister Colin Hansen was the one who announced Bill Bennett departure from cabinet, Ms. Kerr wrote, "Gordon Campbell is still firmly in charge. Like the HST, he hasn't gone anywhere and doesn't seem to want to spend more time with his family."

As such, Ms. Kerr urged supporters to make a "significant contribution of $15, $25 or $50 every month" so the New Democrats can "stop Campbell" and prepare to take on whoever succeeds him. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned email.


From: Leslie Kerr
Subject: Who's in charge?

Bill Bennett has been fired from the Liberal Cabinet for not acting as a team player. The surprising part of the announcement was that it came from Finance Minister Colin Hansen not Premier Gordon Campbell.

If the Premier has lost all public support. If even Campbell's own Cabinet is acting without consulting him, why wouldn't he take Bill Bennett's advice and stand aside for an interim leader?

There is another more likely possibility. Premier Gordon Campbell doesn't want to go anywhere quickly. He wants to be Premier.

Despite Colin Hansen stepping up to announce what a Premier would normally say - Gordon Campbell is still firmly in charge.

Like the HST, he hasn't gone anywhere and doesn't seem to want to spend more time with his family.

Bill Bennett seems to have committed the ultimate foul by calling on him to resign and allow for an interim leader. The fact that Bennett is now a backbencher shows Campbell still has an iron clad grip on the Liberal Government and Cabinet.

Remember this is the same Bill Bennett who put his foot in his mouth more times than any other member of Cabinet.

How is Premier Campbell able to carry on like this with such low approval ratings? It's like nothing has changed at the BC Liberal Party. After Campbell announced his pending resignation, the BC Liberals released a vote of members on whether to support Campbell. In total contrast to how you and I feel about the Premier, the folks who get to choose our next Premier voted 84% in favour of Campbell staying on.

That's right. Even while Gordon Campbell was deciding to resign his support amongst rank and file members of the BC Liberals was 84%. .

Gordon Campbell says he will continue to sit as an MLA in Vancouver-Point Grey until the next election. At least until the end of next February he continues to be our Premier.

Finance Minister Colin Hansen may have had the last word on this. But it is clearly Gordon Campbell who is calling the shots.

"There was some buzz that somehow Bill's views were shared by other members of cabinet. I can tell you there's no other member of Cabinet that believes Gordon Campbell should step aside and that an interim leader should be put in place," Colin Hansen, while announcing Bennett's ejection from Cabinet.

I know you don't want Gordon Campbell to be Premier and that you really don't want his policies like the HST to continue.

But, you and I can only stop Campbell and the BC Liberals by working together.

What we can do is get organized, right now. Whoever the BC Liberals - the very folks who think Gordon Campbell is a great Premier-- choose as their next leader, the BC NDP simply must be ready to take them on.

Please understand that your donation is urgently needed to make that happen.

You and folks like you, could today, make a significant contribution of $15, $25 or $50 every month. Your monthly contributions are tax deductible like all donations.

The BC NDP counts on regular monthly contributions to make decisions about staffing and payroll. Two hundred British Columbians making a monthly commitment of just $15 or $25 a month, costing them a total of just $5 or $10 a month after tax deductions, would mean we could immediately double the number of organizing staff.

Please - start a regular monthly donation of $15, $25 or $50 every month or make a one time donation to Stop Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals.

You can go online and make a donation - right now.

Director of Organization (Acting)


Tough when a party is forced to ask its members for funding, isn't it. Why don't they simply phone a few billionaires or large corporations that need or want something from an opposition party? Oh, there are none?

Or, maybe the NDP could have taxpayers pay for a large media operation and loads of researchers and public affairs monitors and all those other things that make political business easier. Perhaps the NDP could get face time on Global if they promise generous support in the future for Global's tourism or literacy projects or generous advertising contracts.

Seriously, an opposition political party in BC has little access to the government pandering media and no massive public purse to directly subsidize its operations and agendas. Additionally, the opposition do not have multi-billion dollar spending power and abilities to transfer public assets into private hands.

Should the form of a fundraising appeal, particularly one asking supporters for "$15, $25 or $50", be shocking, or even newsworthy? Now, if you come up with a document that offer forest licenses, mining permits or a 40 year BC Hydro commitment to buy private power in return for contributions of cash, that would be news.

Norm, this is news. It's nice to peer inside a BCNDP brain. I really don't want to rise to the bait of this BCNDP missive publicly because it's to rai$e ca$h and Sean Holman just helped w/ that.

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