They've cut the phone lines!

This morning, Energy Minister Bill Bennett was expelled from cabinet. This, after telling the media Premier Gordon Campbell should step aside sooner rather than later. But Mr. Bennett didn't just lose his ministerial portfolio as a result of his expulsion. In a text message Mr. Bennett advised, "They cut my phone off so I only have text."


My gosh....

Those poor BC Liberals with spines have become Teen Slasher Horror Movie props!

Get out of the House Mr. Bennett.....




Bill Bennett is a cert-i-fi-a-ble JERK!

Oh Josef K...Your party is finished, Mary Polak is in the soup again hiding from the shame she brought to her ministry..

Go fly a F16 up you arse you sick bastard!

hiding in canada | November 17, 2010 2:47 PM | Reply

Wow, now I can cuss on Public Eye Online. Damn, didn't know that!

My team isn't the one bordering on bankruptcy - the bloody &*@$^?%! BCNDP is!

Shit, MCFD Min Polak is doing damage control. For something which she has little direct responsibility for.

What?? Bill B. knows how to text?

I listened to Polak today trying to explain away the issue of a young girl staying with her dead mother. The Ministry hadn't bothered to advise the Children's advocate. Even C.Clarke wasn't buying the line. Later I heard on another station that The Children's Advocate has not met with Polak or her deputy so is proceeding on her own., to investigate the issue and why the ministry had not bothered to advise her. And this is the person Josef K spends so much time bragging about.She may be doing damage control but on something for which she is responsible

Avoter | November 17, 2010 7:43 PM | Reply

Not Min Polak, personally. Her job is to administrate, not arbitrate.

Furthermore, making political hay of a sick, sad tragedy is pathetic and immoral. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond needs to pipe down as well and work thru the Minister - not the Deputy, the Minister.

Josef. A minister is responsible for the actions of her staff, so somewhere along the line of managers it was decided not to tell the Children’s advocate, who heard about the issue in the newspapers. The Minister should do some housecleaning

If Polak's job is as administrator you say the Children’s Advocate should work through the minister, who really hasn't advised the Independent Officer of the house on the issue of concern. Seems a few subpoenas might get some answers that should have been forthcoming weeks ago. Ms. Polak is trying to outsmart a woman who actually knows her job, and the legal routes to follow to get answers that should have been available to her months ago. The Children’s advocate has a background as a lawyer, and a Judge, was recommended by ex Judge Ted Hughes and voted into her position by the House. Polak makes herself look rather slow witted by trying to put road blocks in the way of the Advocate.

Avoter | November 18, 2010 10:48 AM | Reply

A pithy view. I'm with you, Min Polak needs to do some housecleaning. HOWEVER, if she makes public comments to that effect before the final investigation report fired employees may sue on grounds of political interference. She's the Mary w/ that problem. The other one can just... grandstand.

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