Castelli encouraging Falcon to run

If Health Services Minister Kevin Falcon runs for the provincial Liberal leadership, he'll have the support of Ray Castelli. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Castelli - who was Prime Minister Kim Campbell's chief of staff - said, "I'm definitely strongly encouraging him to run. And I'll support him if he does run. And, if he doesn't, I'm happy with the other candidates that I've kind of heard being talked about as well. I like them all. But, for me, looking at them I think Kevin has done a terrific job in the portfolios he's had. I think he's got a lot of charisma and drive and energy. He's got a youthful, new generation kind of energy that I think we're going to need to go out of our current position. And the fact I've known him for 25 years and worked with him several times before makes it an easy decision for me." Mr. Castelli was also formerly the president and chief executive officer of Naikun Wind Development Inc. He was named chief executive officer of Weatherhaven - one of the world's leading providers of redeployable shelter systems - in January 2008.


Nothing would make me happier than for the Liberals to select Kevin Falcon as their leader. He is the anti-charisma. His most obvious characteristic is his nastiness. Pure nasty, that is Kevin Falcon. The Liberals will end up like the Conservatives under Kim Campbell. So much for Ray Castelli's insight into the political landscape in BC.

I wanted Mary Polak. Got skunked.

Diane, I concur. Kevin Falcon has the revving mouth. But for once has gone oddly quiet. Gee, I wonder why?!?

At least Mary Polak is Mark 2 of the 2nd greatest talk show host of BC*. Christy Clark, For the Love of Gord, RUN!!!!!

*1st greatest: Sean Holman

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