First mover advantage

Now that we know when the provincial Liberal leadership vote will be, the next question is who will be the first to enter the race. At least one of the reason why: that candidate will have the first opportunity to announce they'll eliminate the harmonized sales tax without putting the question to a referendum - garnering significant media attention for taking such a position.

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If the leadership is simply about who will renounce the HST first it's going to be a dreadful race to the bottom.

The BC Liberals need someone who can tell Bill Vander Zalm to quit wasting taxpayers money on recall campaigns and referenda that will never pass. As we all know, this charade has nothing to do with the HST and everything to do with creating openings for seats for whatever party Vander Zalm is working with these days.

Else, we could just make Vander Zalm Premier. Then, happy days can be here again, corruption and all!

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