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Former provincial New Democrat cabinet minister Tom Perry is backing Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald's call to revise the agenda for this weekend's provincial council meeting. Concerns have been raised that the agenda won't give enough time for delegates to discuss constituency association resolutions proposing a leadership convention in 2011 and Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson's reinstatement to caucus. In a comment posted on Public Eye, Dr. Perry wrote, "I hope the NDP Provincial Council will listen carefully to the respectful and logical argument put forward by Mr. Macdonald, who was the elected NDP Caucus Chair until his resignation from that position in October."

"One of the great virtues of the NDP over the years has been its openness to responsible and legitimate grass roots democracy," he continued. "Regardless of where people stand on a 'political spectrum,' without open discussion of alternatives to move our province forward, we will get nowhere in addressing our pressing environmental, social, and economic issues."

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