Who's in charge here?

Today, The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer reported, "As calls grow for Premier Gordon Campbell to make way for another premier sooner rather than later, some Liberals have been taking refuge in the absence of any mechanism in the party constitution for selecting an interim leader." But, as Mr. Palmer pointed out, "The presence or absence of such a mechanism in the party constitution doesn't matter. The party constitution is not the relevant source of authority for the kind of transition being discussed here. Rather it is the constitutional convention that the premier is the person who has the confidence of the majority of members of the legislature, meaning, usually, the party with the majority of seats." Mr. Palmer then went on to describe how government caucus could choose Mr. Campbell's replacement by week's end. Indeed, there appears to be nothing in the party constitution that would constraint caucus from taking such action.

It states "Caucus is not an entity of the Party." Nor does the party constitution "impose any responsibilities on the Caucus." In fact, it explicitly states, "The Caucus is not subject to the jurisdiction of any convention or general meeting of the Party, the Provincial Council, the Party Executive or the Appeals Board." The following is a complete copy of the relevant section of that document.

Provincial Liberal constitution pages 45 to 46

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I think caucus needs to realize the Premier had to go. But the question is: Who will run?

Watts is out.
Falcon is getting cold and colder feet.
Polak says she's out.
Mills is out.
Furlong & Taylor are just too... elite for the job.
Lekstrom took himself out.
Clark(, Christy) was never in, she put her son Hamish first years ago and the BCNDP Hatefest is still quite there.

At this point, the question is: Who's in? Or could Mary Polak get the stinkin' screaming hint to just go for gold already and be Premier just to be Premier so MCFD is back in the chaos & ego-tripping Her Maryesty inherited?!? Will somebody please run "For the Love of Gord" (TM)?

Like I said... who's going to run? Carole James perhaps?

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