Voice of BC on demand

Shaw TV's Voice of BC is British Columbia's only televised political talk show. Hosted by The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer, one of the province's most respected columnists, the show features interviews with cabinet ministers, opposition members, newsmakers and opinion leaders. And we're pleased to let you know it's now available for viewing on Vimeo. So be sure to check it out.

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Ahh, jeez Sean, I'm very saddened to see you run what amounts to a commercial for Vaughn Palmer.

I used to watch and read Vaughn Palmer all the time, until this past year. He is masquerading as a hard-working investigative journalist but he sidles around and/or soft-pedals way too many important stories.

Hasn't there been enough of a display of solidarity amongst the old boy media types lately? There is way too much insider-congratulation of one another in BC's media. Now this. Are you two in some media business venture together?

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