Together for the holidays

Together for the holidays

Last month, Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson was expelled from caucus for criticizing New Democrat leader Carole James. Then, caucus chair Norm Macdonald stepped down because Ms. James didn't consult with caucus about the expulsion. So, keeping that in mind, we'd like to draw your attention to the Penticton New Democrat fundraiser Messrs. Simpson and Macdonald will be attending later this month. They'll be speaking at the constituency association's Christmas dinner on the subject of "Post-partisan politics: how do we recapture the spirit of our democracy." Penticton is one of the associations that has passed a resolution calling for a New Democrat leadership race in 2011.


So the Penticton constituency association wants a leadership convenction, (obviously not part of the "Team"), turfed MLA Bob Simpson will speak at the gathering (obviously not part of the "Team"), but MLA Norm Macdonald will also be speaking at said event (who Carole James said IS part of the "Team").

What's Carole James definition of a "Team" member?

"Post-partisan politics: how do we recapture the spirit of our democracy?" The NDP might find the answer to this question if it actually looked for it. Almost 50% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2009 BC election. These are the people all political parties should "reach out" to rather than try to sell them the same old dogma.

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