Why worry?

Yesterday, we reported the New Democrats' provincial council will be debating resolutions calling for a leadership convention in 2011. Opposition House Leader Mike Farnworth declined to discuss those resolutions. But, today, Carole James phoned in to the legislature's radio room to take questions from the CBC's Jeff Davies and CKNW's Sean Leslie on that issue, as well as the party's decision to pay its president Moe Sihota a stipend using a "generous, earmarked gift from the labour movement." Take a listen to what the New Democrat leader had to say.

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Typical BCNDP work ethic under current management... phone it in from a CO2 factory called a Helijet heliport. Laaaannnnaaaa, the BCNDP need new management.

At least that BCLib Leader so many despise, he's man enough to call a press conference and face his team to break the hearts of and make tears from so many... :-*(. He's also leader enough to know when to start working on his cool million worth of memoirs.

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