Labouring under labour?

"I am so in disgust with the Executive of our Party for keeping whatever deal has been struck to pay Mr. Sihota secret!" That's seniors' advocate and longtime New Democrat June Ross's opinion of the party's decision to provide a stipend to Moe Sihota using a "generous, earmarked gift from the labour movement." In an open letter sent to leader Carole James and opposition MLAs, the self-described trade unionist criticized the source of that gift, stating she was "tired" of labour "thinking they dictate when in fact, they are a minority amongst our supporters!" Ms. Ross also questioned why provincial council (the New Democrats' governing body) doesn't appear to have "discussed, debated and passed" the issue of pay for Mr. Sihota - at least to the best of her knowledge. "It is my opinion that Mr. Sihota should step down from his position as never, was it at Convention, discussed that the President's position should be a paid position."

Ms. Ross then went on to raise the issue of Ms. James's leadership. "Who is giving you advice on how to act and how to comment and how to operate? Perhaps they all need to be told to "butt out" and you should become the voice we all desperately need to hear? This province belongs to its citizens. It does not belong to corporations and business (big or small) and I for one am so tired of having everything I worked for being dismantled, shredded and sold off to the highest bidder. This Party of mine has an opportunity to finally take it back, take back our province and give it back to its rightful owners...the people of BC! If you loose this opportunity, which I am fearful you will if you keep operating in the manner you are, the Party will be no more."

But she was careful to add she was still "unsure" about the opinion of "many in our communities" who say Ms. James is "not leading."

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june ross is my mom and she has always been a voice of reason for me. i ask anyone who will listen/answer... if gordon campbell was lining his pockets by selling off our water so on... and Munmohan Singh "Moe" Sihota is lining his where and when he can... are we, as regular citizens, really making a difference. are we really heard? and does it matter who we vote in?? in my family we have had a grandfather who was a minister of lands and forests for alta, and an aunt who was an mp. even in that capacity, my aunt felt she was rarely "actually" heard. i quote ... "it's like high school all over again" please tell me we are not destined to do what "big brother" tells us we should!!

where does your water come from...where does it go to...what would you do to protect it???

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