Come back Shane, run for president!

"Carole Taylor rules out return to B.C. politics." That was The Globe and Mail's headline just 14 days before Premier Gordon Campbell announced he would be stepping down. But we're hearing considerable chatter among Liberals who are hoping she'll reconsider that decision. The thinking goes that Ms. Taylor doesn't begin her three-year term as Simon Fraser University's chancellor in June 2011. So there's still an opportunity to back out of that job and make a bid for the leadership.


Carole Taylor... well, she's practically kissin' cousins with the developers who raped and ruined this province, so, sure, I guess there would be lots of "influential" people who'd want her to ride herd.

Please, enough of the old guard already. Put the old girl out to pasture please.

Otherwise, she'll sell the rest of the province right down the drain to California, where she spends much of her time anyway.

Now Kevin Falcon, who is on the right side of the Liberals, has come out in support of Carole Taylor, a federal Liberal, as next leader. Intriguing.

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