The week that changed provincial politics?

Last week, was the week politics in British Columbia changed - or did it? On Wednesday, Gordon Campbell announced he would be stepping down as provincial Liberal leader, bringing to an end a reign that will have lasted ten years. As a political reporter, he's the only premier I've ever known. And to some of my journalism students at the University of Victoria, he may be the only premier they remember - being ten at the time he came to power. So I wonder what provincial politics will be like when he leaves the West Annex.

There are those who hope for a kinder administration. There are those who hope for a gentler administration. And those hopes may come to pass - under the Liberals' next leader or whoever wins government in 2013.

But remember his successor will inherit the same system of government that suppress independent public thought and speech at the legislature. The same system of government that affords the premier near dictatorial powers. The same system of government that compels elected officials to put the interests of their party ahead of their constituents or even their own conscience - all in the service of ensuring peace, order and what we call good government.

So was last week the week politics in British Columbia changed...or should we be prepared for more of the same in the future?


From my point of view, changing the players does nothing to change the game. The party first attitude that prevails in the minds of our elected officials means that we will have the same old top down style of governance. We will most likely see a different style at the top, but as long as the underlings are put in the position of being nothing more than a party yesman/woman, nothing will change.

The Premier, no matter which party he or she comes from just has too much power. The only difference between our leader's power and that of the likes of the many dictators throughout the world is that our's doesn't have to rely on armaments to retain his position.

For once, Crankypants and I won't fight over Rockette Polak.

For once, I agree w/ Crankypants.

Well was said... in free market theologian Mark Milke's tome Barbarians in the Garden City about the BCNDP that, "given the degree of concentrated power that exists in a society, one is likely to find a similar degree of abuse at some point. Leave concentrated power on the floor and someone, some day, will pick it up. ... Think of concentrated power as similar to nitroglycerin. Not something you want in the hands of crazies or incompetents. ... Minor ways to whittle away at political power include simply getting information about abuses out there in the public arena."

Perhaps its time for the "right stuff" again. Somebody who will go into government and remind all the folks that the classical liberals the BCLibs purport to be means that classical liberals, are "committed to the ideal of limited government and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets". They should get on with that just like Gordon Campbell, Gary Collins, Christy Clark and Judith Reid did in 2001.

Rant off.

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