Black on Black

Labour Minister Iain Black's name is among those being floated as a possible provincial Liberal leadership candidates. But will his name actually be on the ballot? Speaking first with Public Eye, Mr. Black said, "It's not something I'm thinking about right now, to be quite candid. I'm focusing on the premier. There is a time to reflect on your options on that and I think that that time is upon us. But that is not a reflecting process I have initiated or concluded. So I think any consideration along those lines would be in the days to come."


Run Ian Run!

I heard on CKNW Polak is... out :-(.

Want to bet a loonie that Black is going nowhere

I would prefer Alise Mills or Mike G the BC Lobbyist, but I doubt seriously BC wants to wake up to Premier BLIL or BCLib Insider Lobbyist.

Polak is out. OUT. Not going to crap over a role model in public for infinite archives.

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