Abbott versus Falcon?

George Abbott, Bill Bennett, Iain Black, Rich Coleman, Mike de Jong, Kevin Falcon, Kash Heed, Barry Penner and Dianne Watts. That's the list of potential provincial Liberal leadership candidates assembled by The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer. Taking out the dark horses and Ms. Watts, our bet is that the field will be narrowed down to Messrs. Abbott and Falcon. It's possible Mr. Coleman may step up to the starting gate. If so, that bet is off. He'd be an extremely formidable candidate. But, as we earlier opined, Mr. de Jong being the public face of the legislature raid trial's abrupt end has likely damaged his chances of succeeding Gordon Campbell.


The only one out this group that has any credibility is Dianne Watts and even she is a long shot. The Liberal Party is out of ideas and has lost the trust of the people. In my opinion the entire government should resign, not just Campbell.

It's very sad that Mary Polak is being pased over. But unsurprising.

Let's see who has the cojones to run. And who steps up here to lob a smear for y.t. for me to rebut.

Let's also note that Carole James is at it w/ the smears. Already.

I largely concur with Richard.

All of the Cabinet members listed are too closely affiliated with Campbell; particularly those from the Lower Mainland. Abbott is an interesting choice because he does not have the same "profile" as the others (even when he was Minister of Health). What they really need is someone from outside who brings the appearance (at least) of fresh ideas to the table. Otherwise, its just more of the same old, same old. If I was the Liberals I would not want to take any chances about how palatable that is to the electorate.

All those in the Campbell cabinet carry the same "stink" around with them, with Rich Coleman being the smelliest. This makes Dianne Watts the one who would be most attractive to voters. However, her name has come up as a possible leader of the BC Conservatives.

The only sitting liberal mla that the public might be able to accept as leader is Blair Lekstrom, but I have yet to see him mentioned. Too bad the Liberal party will never accept him since he abandoned ship.

The fact of the matter is that the next leader of the BC Liberal Party will be chosen by the Howe Street mafia. Other than their frontman who has abdicated the throne, the rest of their people are still in place and ready to annoint their next Trojan horse.

Until such time as the Conservative Party can show they are a viable option, the Howe Streeters will have to be satisfied with the BC Liberal Party brand. The big question is, do they let Dianne Watts continue to build her profile as mayor of Surrey and settle for Falcon or Coleman in the short term or go all out and install her, hoping that her lack of provincial political baggage will be enough to keep the NDP from forming the next government?

Only time will tell.

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