Crocker Jarmon trusts people

As one of the Campbell administration's most politically astute cabinet ministers, Rich Coleman has oft been discussed as a potential provincial Liberal leadership candidate. Opinions have waxed and waned over whether he'd actually make a bid for that job should Premier Gordon Campbell step aside. So, given all that, we'd like to draw your attention to the introductory video for Mr. Coleman's 2010 fundraiser - which took place on October 28. Its narrator opens the video by stating, "Anyone who meets Rich Coleman can see right away that he really likes people. When they get to know him, they learn that he really likes to help. His goal is to make B.C. a better place for the people who live here and he gets things done - for families, for survivors, for people in need and for first responders." The video then ends with this refrain: "Rich Coleman believes in the people of British Columbia. And he's helping to make B.C. a better place to live, work and play. With him, working on our behalf, the future of our province is bright." Fascinating, eh?


You could say the same about Mary Polak, Alise Mills, Mike Gagheogean (sp?), Bill Good, Jordan Bateman or Sean Holman. All of whom would make BC rock even more as Premier :-)!

What I find more interesting is that Kevin Falcon attended the event.

And to top that one off, Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts also attended the event.

Aren't these two also rumoured to be potential Campbell replacements?

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