Sewage talk replaces Conservative breakfast speaker

South Island federal Conservatives have abruptly cancelled provincial Conservative president Wayne McGrath's invitation to speak at their monthly breakfast meeting. But one of the breakfast's organizers has said that decision has nothing with concerns about the federal party becoming too cosy with its provincial namesake. When contacted yesterday, Mr. McGrath declined to speculate on the reason for the cancellation. "All I know is I was asked to speak last August on November 26 and about a week ago I was advised - politely - that I wasn't going to be speaking," he said.

Instead, Esquimalt mayor Barb Desjardins will now be addressing the meeting, talking to attendees about the capital region's sewage treatment options.

"The breakfast committee changed their plans at the last minute," explained breakfast organizer Jean Howell. "And it was unfortunate it was after I sent out the advertising. But the committee itself felt that Barb was a little more topical for here."

So Mr. McGrath's de-invitation had nothing to do with the federal Conservatives keeping their distance from the provincial Conservatives? "Not that I'm aware," Ms. Howell replied. "The committee made a decision that with municipal things happening it's probably a good idea to keep (the speaker) topical."

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