Capital idea

The provincial Conservatives' recruitment drive reached Ottawa last month. A staffer working for one of British Columbia's senators organized a get-together for the provincial party at his residence on October 6. In an interview with Public Eye, parliamentarian John Cummins - who spoke at the event and is a member of the party's tactical advisory group - described it this way: "About half-a-dozen folks turned up - young people that are working in members' or ministers' offices. So it was a good evening. And, as it turned out, a couple of them actually attended the (provincial Conservatives') annual meeting in Vancouver - they travelled out for that. So I think it was quite a worthwhile exercise. Because these young people that are working these offices are tuned in, they've got lots of energy, they're good organizers and they're the kind of people you need if you're going to run a successful campaign and get things done."

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