Hanging on the premier's every word


Having watched this sad excuse of a major speech by our Premier on the radio, I can come to only one conclusion. Gordon Campbell has passed his best-before-date by a fair margin, and it is time for him to hang up his spurs.

If his caucus doesn't start the revolt now, then I suspect they should all immediately proceed to their nearest medical facility to determine whether they still have a pulse.

Let the blood-letting begin in earnest!

I think we should all be very frightened by the fact that the Premier is so desperate. What complete nonsense will he come up with next to bribe the electorate?

While watching Gordo speak I could think of only one thing...and so with apologies to the imitable Jane Austen...

``He is as fine a fellow,'' ... ``as ever I saw. He simpers, and smirks, and makes love to us all. I am prodigiously proud of him. I defy [any province] to produce a more valuable [premier]''

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