Board blowup?

Board blowup

"Would you care if (the) Premier announced tonight the replacement of locally elected boards of education with regional authorities?" That's the question Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows school trustee Stepan Vdovine posted on his twitter feed today, in advance of tonight's televised speech by Gordon Campbell. And, certainly, he's not the only one wondering about such a development. Earlier today, CivicScene's Jonathan Ross also reported on that rumour.


Worth noting, Sean, that they both work for Vision Vancouver (Stepan is Patti Bacchus' policy advisor, as well as sitting on Vision's board).

Not that they would want to stir up any controversy for the Ministry of Education, of course.

VV's Mike Lombardi has also been speculating about this online. But then again so has Christy Clark - whom we all know as another hard-core card-carrying VV flunky (not!) - & who was all over this story on her CKNW show this afternoon.

It seems extremely far-fetched to me - political suicide, even, for a desperately unpopular premier - given that a CUPE/Angus Reid poll just last week found that 75% of BCers "believe that public education in the province is strengthened when locally-elected school trustees advocate for their school districts and challenge the provincial government."

But I'm long past being surprised by anything in BC politics. And I despair of ever seeing a decision or debate about education in BC that is actually guided by educational considerations vs. partisan politics.

As above...nothing this government does surprises me...

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