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Today's announcement that there will be a "cabinet realignment" on Monday has got the phone lines buzzing with rumours. So who's in, is anyone out and which ministries will be most affected? Well, we'll find out soon enough. But, in the meantime, here's a compilation of the questions we're hearing:

* will Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak be shuffled into another portfolio?

* given that education will be highlighted during the premier's televised speech on Wednesday, will there be a new minister in that portfolio?

* will the education minister's responsibilities be expanded?

* if there is a new education minister, will it be Ms. Polak?

* will there be a new finance minister?

* will backbenchers Stephanie Cadieux or Terry Lake make it into cabinet?

* will some of the resource ministries - which were hard hit by the government's recent workforce adjustment initiative - be consolidated?

* who will take over a solicitor general, a portfolio that has been filled on an acting basis by Attorney General Mike de Jong?

* will the new solicitor general be Environment Minister Barry Penner?

* what will happen to the ministry of small business, technology and economic development?

* will the ministry of healthy living and sport be rolled back into health services?

* will Healthy Living and Sport Minister Ida Chong be demoted, perhaps to minister of state for intergovernmental relations?


Let's try to comment again...

I just don't see an Education Minister Polak. She was tarred and feathered by the same people who crow for a "holistic" look at things for working towards homosexual lit in Surrey schools - after placating the social conservatives. She also has gone on record as pro-MCFD Minister stability.

Would like to see a Minister Cadieux for Disabilities and end up in 2013 as Deputy Premier to a Premier Polak, though!

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